Productive Internet and Online Business – 4 Excellent Ideas

Many people nowadays have realized the advantages of establishing their own Internet and online business. This boom in web-based commerce is a great source of income that is done in a productive and efficient manner.

But of course, the degrees of success vary with each kind of business, as not all business owners practice the same marketing styles and strategies. What some of the do not realize is the need to concentrate much of their efforts on the earlier stage of online business. Working double time on conceptualization will help create a better launch impact once your business is ready to go public.

If you fail to spend a lot of time on the earlier stage, your business will not have a good solid foundation – which could then make way for more troubles and complication later on. To help you avoid this, here are four excellent ideas that can help build up your business for better productivity and smoother operations:

1. The first thing that you need to do is create a business plan. It need not be very elaborate, but it should be comprehensive enough to cover all facets of your trade. Everything should be described as explicitly as possible so you will know what to do every step of the way. Simply put, a comprehensive business plan will serve as your guide in every step of the implementation process.

2. To further strengthen this, brush up on your current business events and study trends and patterns that could affect your business. Know about the latest productivity tools as well as the economic demand for your product or service.

3. At the same time, do extensive research on your target market so you will know what they might expect from your product and how best to target their needs.

4. Everything that you have written in your business plan should be included in your company website, but in a scaled-down manner. Simplify terms for easier reading and show the people that you are a reputable company who is not afraid to disclose information such as your values, goals and mission which accordingly guides your products and services.

Focused Internet Marketing and Website Promotion

Every day, like millions of webmasters, I continue to focus on making money with my websites. There are a few internet marketing and website promotion strategies I typically stick with because it is very important that these website marketing processes are running at the same time without causing too much work or becoming overloaded.

Creating and running an online business continues to become more and more competitive with thousands and more websites being set up every day. It is likely that some of those websites will be in direct competition with you and me.

So, how do you compete? How do you get those magical page 1 rankings and keep them? The good news is that it is not magic.

The simple answer is by developing a number of different but related advertising methods as part of my overall marketing and website promoting strategy. Let me share some of them with you now. Remember this is a very small sample of the hundreds of ways you can market and promote your website. Some of them will be explained in depth in my other articles, so make a habit of staying in touch. O.K. let’s see.

Building Your List

I will never understand those webmasters that go to all the trouble of building a website or a blog and don’t spend the small additional effort of capturing subscribers for their list. Even if your own site only captures a few hundred names and email addresses, that is a few hundred targeted and interested people that you can stay in contact with on a regular basis. The trick is not to bombard them with sales pitches and offers but to keep them informed and build their trust and your reputation.

There is a ton of information on the ‘net about adding subscriber forms to websites. Also, if you do not want to pay for an autoresponder, there are a number of free ones that you can try out.

Generating Backlinks And Building Site Popularity

I won’t pretend to understand all the algorithms and nuances the major search engines use to rank websites but I do know that one of the more important tactics for website marketing and promotion is generating backlinks. The major search engines use this as a gauge of site popularity – how important your site is to others.

I use two methods to achieve backlinks, actually three (article marketing is one, see below). I subscribe to a monthly membership site which provides me with the means of getting backlinks from high ranking web pages. The other method is free and it’s called reciprocal linking.

There is much debate about the value of exchanging links and if they add any value. Simple answer, yes they do as long as it is done properly. Only exchange links with sites that are relevant to yours, and sites that have already been indexed. One of the reasons the debate on using reciprocal linking as an effective marketing and website promotion tool continues is that if the site displaying your link has more than say twenty other links on the page, it will reduce the chances of your link being clicked.

Pay Per Click

Many will recommend that you add some type of pay per click campaign such as Google AdWords to your website marketing and promotion strategy. I would agree but only if you know exactly what you are doing. To explain all the ins and outs of pay per click campaigns would need a report never mind trying to explain it in this article.

If you have a known budget to spend, daily, weekly or monthly, then by all means go to the major search engines and read everything you can about using their advertising services before you spend one penny.

Press Releases

I have to admit that this is an area where I have to focus more time and effort. As with pay per click, go to the major search engines and read up on how to get yourself published on Google’s or Yahoo’s news search.

As with most things in the life of internet marketing there are paid methods or eBooks for sale on creating and publishing your press releases. Before you succumb to any of those, visit and read their guidelines on how to publish your press releases.

Article Marketing

This is still one of my favorites. It is an excellent free way of building your brand, gaining trust, and promoting your websites. Writing articles and submitting them to achieve the greatest return for the investment of your time and money (if you hire someone to write them for you) deserves its own article all to itself which I will publish real soon.

In summary, internet marketing and website promotion does not need to be costly but it will need your commitment to putting in the time and effort on a regular basis. Just building a website is no longer enough, if indeed it ever was.

Internet and Business on Line Marketing

It’s really hard to get people who have no knowledge of your product or service to come to your website. You’re building something and need to get it out there and gain traction fast in the market place. One of the fastest ways to spread the word about your store, products and services is by sending a press release. Media outlets all thrive on press releases. The internet is flooded by online news distribution services creating a platform for online store owners to easily announce new product lines, special events and other shop news. One of my favourites PRLOG is not only free but boasts a simple user interface.

Business owners selling products on line in my opinion should definitely be using product feeds. Product Feeds allow you to reach a broader audience. The way they work is that a product feed is simply a file generated from the website that lists such things as photos, descriptions, price and can include specials. These product feeds can be submitted to shopping comparison websites and search engines. Most comparison sites such as Google Shopping and Amazon products are paid sites, However the Google merchant centre and bing are currently free.

Many new web site owners submit their sites to the major search engines and then sit back and wait for customers to come. While this is an important step for marketing on line, website owners often overlook all the other directories available. Web site owners should look for specialized link directories and niche sites to submit their business information/details and website. Not only will these directories help increase your link popularity, but they can also drive highly targeted traffic to your site. Google, Yahoo and other directories and search engines engines are creating tools for local shoppers to find your business, hours of operation and even coupons. Many of these listings are free with free upgrade options.

We all know the impact social media has in our society today. Joining social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn may or may not help you sell your products. However, if that’s where your customers hang out, maybe you should too. The blogs on these sites can you keep in touch with shoppers, make announcements or feature new merchandise and promotions.

Another important marketing tip is to create a newsletter. Newsletter and email marketing are they key in keeping in touch with the customers you’ve managed to get on your website. It takes a lot of work to gain a customer. Why let them leave without offering a way to stay in contact?