Designing Internet Marketing Websites to Increase Your Web Presence

There are so many different factors that can affect your Internet business that it is difficult to name them all. Most of what you do, as I’m sure you’re well aware, has to do with various marketing techniques and generating traffic to your website. Have you looked at your stats, however, using tools like Google Analytics and realized that the majority of the people who are visiting your website leave moments after they arrive? This has a lot to do with your website design and its inability to pull people further into your website.

In order to design an Internet marketing website that will pull in the traffic and keep them on your pages, you need to have something that will grab their attention. Almost anybody, nowadays, can build a website because of the tools that are available. Unfortunately, most of these websites are very unprofessional looking and that can kill your sales, especially if your website is screaming, “amateur.” If you feel that your website’s design could use a little bit of work but you are unable to take care of it yourself, there are plenty of website and graphic design services that will be able to take care of it for you.

Most people who are just starting out on the Internet are a little concerned over some of the high prices that they’ve seen for these design services. Most high ticket professional design firms charge as high as $5000 or more per single web design. The fact of the matter is, there are some who will do an excellent job for you and charge less than $200. For that kind of a price and savings, it’s hard to pass up the opportunity to have a professional looking website and the chance to earn money with it for decades to come.

Internet and Affiliate Marketing – 10 Critical Elements You Must Understand

Every day fortunes are made online. Just like anything else, it takes time, commitment, and perseverance. But what is most important for you to understand in order to have your efforts be profitable?

Here are the 10 critical elements of internet and affiliate marketing you MUST understand to be successful online, no matter what product or business you are promoting:


-Are there enough hungry buyers for what you are selling?
-Do you have what a lot of people are looking for?


-When you are first starting out, look for proven markets where there are a huge number of customers. For example, every month there are several millions of people looking for home businesses
-Later you can expand into niche markets like affiliate marketers, realtors, stay at home moms, and network marketers


-This can simply be your face, your name, and your unique selling proposition
-Why would someone want to do business with you?


-This is one of the biggest obstacles to overcome if you are new, but it can be done very effectively through strategies such as link building, article marketing, video marketing, and blogging, to name a few


-The biggest mistake those new to internet and affiliate marketing make is trying to sell their product as soon as their customers come to their website.
-Since only a small percentage of people will buy something from you and as a general rule, people need to hear a marketing message at least 7 times before they buy something, you must:
-Offer something of value for free in exchange for their contact information and have an email follow-up system to stay in contact with your potential customers to provide value, build trust, and develop familiarity


-Turning visitors into leads and turning leads into customers
-Professional marketers spend their efforts on increasing conversions and sometimes the smallest changes can make the biggest difference


-You can recruit affiliates to sell your product
-Imagine 100′s to 1000′s selling your product over the internet


-Getting paid several times for one purchase
-Examples: memberships or consumable goods


-If you only have one product, you are leaving money on the table
-It’s much easier to get existing customers to buy from you rather than acquiring new customers
-Offer exceptional value and fill your customer’s needs
-Have a sales process in place to introduce customers to different products over time


-You can use this to share data bases and market your products
-Create new products with others.

Internet And Kids – How Young Is Too Young?

Are you a parent? If you are, you may be curious as to when children regularly start using the internet. In all honesty, you will find that it depends. There are some parents who start their children with using a computer and the internet right away and others wait until their children need to do so for school. So, how young is too young for your child to use the internet?

What many parents, especially first time parents, do not realize is that some elementary schools teach their children how to use a computer as young as first grade. Of course, they may not learn how to surf the internet, but they do often learn the basics. These basics may include learning how to type, how to turn on a computer, how to use a computer mouse, and so froth.

In keeping with young age, there are many parents who allow their toddlers and preschoolers to play computer games. Although software for those games can be purchased online or in most media stores, some parents turn to the internet. The good news about this approach is that many trusted websites, like those for Nick Jr, PBS Kids, and PlayHouse Disney do not have harmful advertisements on their websites that your child could accidentally click on.

Young elementary school children are also likely to use the internet and a computer in general to play computer games. Towards the fifth or sixth grade, children may start to use the internet to do research for school projects. This is when it is really important to start monitoring your child’s use of the internet. Even if your child doesn’t use online social networking websites, use internet chat rooms, or visit pornographic websites, it doesn’t mean that they can’t accidentally come across them. Some websites are not very careful with what advertisements they show.

Junior high school and high school students, honestly, need the most monitoring online. These are students who not only use the internet to research, but to communicate with their friends and to make new friends. Unfortunately, not all teenagers are educated on the dangers that lurk online, especially where internet chat rooms and social networking websites are concerned.

So, is your child ready to use a computer and the internet? As stated above, it is your decision to make. With that being said, be sure to use your best judgment and be sure to establish some firm ground rules. Children who are at least seven years of age should never be allowed to use a computer alone. Strict rules should be imposed for older children.

Speaking of internet safety rules, be sure to make your views on social networking websites and internet chat rooms clear. If you don’t want your child to use them, state so. If they are allowed, establish rules. A few rules to get you started involve making a social networking website profiles private, not communicating directly with strangers, not trading personal information online, and not posting personal pictures or videos online.

As a reminder, you have the ability to determine when and where you child can access the internet. Just be sure that if you do allow your child to use the internet that you establish ground rules. Even toddlers and preschoolers should be able to follow these rules, such as only playing games on the website you get them set on.